Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics

Since the early 1980's computer graphics for TV broadcasters have been one of our core businesses.

After starting with national entertainment television shows, SCG started expanding their services towards big international sport events such as speed skating, equestrian sports, athletics, soccer and tennis.
Over the years SCG has grown out to be a professional computer graphics partner using the best equipment driven by custom built and high quality software.
SCG generates graphics using XPRESSION 3D platform. Multi-layer graphics, sophisticated designs and innovative use of live content and data . The layout is always easy to adjust to meet any television layout requirements.

The images below show some of our graphics currently used at the ISU World Cup Speedskating.



We also generate complete 3D interactive coursemaps, which for example shows in what order a rider has to complete his obstacles in an equestrian jumping event.

The video below shows you an example of the 3D course at the Geneva 2013 Rolex Grand Prix.