Sports Secretary Service

Sports Secretary Service

At the hearth of any sport event is the sport secretary office. Our sport secretary services help you manage your sports office and keeps your event organized.

SCG works closely with international and national sport federations. Our specialized staff is up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations. We help you with tasks such as creating, organizing and distributing start lists, results, entries. We are the connection between the sport, its participants and the event organisation. A well organized sport office is the first step towards a succesfull event, which both spectators and athletes enjoy comming to.

Our multi-lingual (English, French, Dutch, German) staff have been running sport offices for quite some time and are known by most athletes. Having a familiar face at the sport office, which can address athletes in their native tong help feel the athletes right at home.

Some of our experience freelancers and partners we work with are:

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